Wedding Dress Alteration, Restyling and Remodelling is our specialty 

We make to your design - No Pattern Required

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Wedding Dress Alterations are our speciality!!!!

How long will it take to do my Alteration and how much will it be? Now that's a tricky one- " How long is a piece of string!"   It can sometimes be very difficult to "guesstimate" how long it will take to alter something. Once you start unpicking and get inside a garment it can be either much easier or way more difficult than we expected. It is also impossible to guess from a picture. We really do need to see you in the dress/outfit to see what needs doing. We charge an hourly rate and do our best to give you an idea of how long we think it will take. A consultation is free and without obligation. I can say however there is not much we cant do- only problem is generally how long.



How much will it cost? we charge and hourly rate. We need to see you in your dress to be able to estimate the time it will take to alter.

How long before my date do I need to book? It is never to early to book, some of our bookings are for up to 12months in advance. In 'Wedding' and "School Ball" season it is a good idea to book in early. There is only two of us here at I Sew 4 U and we only take on a certain amount every month. If your date is sooner than later, just ask if we are available- you never know we may have space.

What is the process? Let us know the date you need your dress altered for and book an appointment to come and see us with your dress. We will estimate the amount of hours we think it will take to alter your dress and if you are happy then you  can "book' with us. We would then decide on a date you want your dress altered for, whether it is the week before, a month before or even earlier- you tell us. You can then either book your first fitting or we will let you know when your dress is ready for a fitting. There will be approx 1-2 fittings before pick up.

Payments? We will email you an invoice once your dress is finished. We prefer internet banking. You can either pay before you pick up or pay on your phone at the appointment. As long as it is paid before you take you dress away. We do accept Cash and Internet banking. No Eftpos Available. 

What do I need to bring to the fittings? You need to bring or wear the undergarments/ bra that you are planning to wear on the day and hopefully your shoes or a good idea of how high your heel is.